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Morgan Stanley committed $200 million of equity to a joint venture with Orchard Partners that seeks to acquire core industrial opportunities on the West Coast, with a preference for well-leased warehouse buildings not involving significant renovation or re-positioning risk.

The Fund combines the acquisition talent of Orchard Partners with the financial backing of Morgan Stanley's Prime Property Fund - a diversified property portfolio exceeding $12 billion in major metropolitan areas throughout the United States.

Since its inception, Orchard Partners has deployed over $193 million in ten separate transactions totaling 2,597,081 SF of industrial space. The following properties have been acquired through the program:

Property Market SF
234 Distribution Center Seattle (Kent) 178,400
1671 Champagne Ave So. California (Ontario) 385,996
Auburn Logistics Center Seattle (Auburn) 885,263
Brennan Distribution Bay Area (San Jose) 109,400
Batavia Distribution So. California (Orange) 246,732
Creekside Distribution Center Seattle (Kent) 135,300
Huntwood Logistics Center Bay Area (Hayward) 323,254
Mead Avenue Distribution Bay Area (Santa Clara) 121,358
N 405 Distribution Center Seattle (Renton) 124,573
Skylab Distribution Center Los Angeles (Huntington Beach) 305,778
White River Industrial Park Seattle (Auburn) 167,023

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